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The personal city of Jan Kaus

Jan Kaus’s approach to Tallinn in his prose is analysed. Using mapping, description, history, memory and memories of the place Kaus depicts the town through the views of different characters, while the motifs are often the same. The article examines whether the author prefers to describe the town or rather concentrates on the feelings and sense of identity of its inhabitants and on how it manifests in their interpretation of their town. As to the ways used to bring Tallinn home to the reader Kaus often chooses to convey a subtle cognitive milieu or atmosphere, connecting peoples’ fates with the cityscape. Kaus’s depiction of Tallinn often includes earlier texts on the town, while in his collection of literary miniatures Tallinna kaart („Map of Tallinn”, 2014) he captures the town as a state of mind, managing the soul map of a city person.