KK 1-2/2020


KK 1-2/2020

Liisi Laineste, Anastasiya Fiadotava

Contemporary Estonian and Belarusian ethnic jokes on the internet

Airika Harrik

Reception of scandalous news in the Facebook group KalambuuR

Reet Hiiemäe

Fears described in modern Estonian schoolchildren’s lore

Andreas Kalkun

Attempts to find words for homosexualism

Eda Kalmre

Media. Visualness. Folklore

Eda Kalmre

The phenomenon of apparent death in history, literature and folklore

Katre Kikas

Awakening calls of folklore collectors addressing the public

Maili Pilt

Needles, pineapple and rainbow babies

Joel Sang

Book is a book is a book

Astrid Tuisk

Film-inspired games of children and youth remembered to have been played in Estonia in the 1950s

Piret Voolaid, Kalle Voolaid

Sport commentators’ gaffes as a source for folk humour