KK 1-2/2019


Epp Annus

Countryside homes in the Estonian SSR

Krista Aru

Two groundbreakers, two teachers

Vilve Asmer

New arrivals at the Estonian Archive of Cultural History

Ott Heinapuu

Estonian sacred natural sites in oral and literary culture on the example of the Estonian epic Kalevipoeg

Ken Ird

Gate crashing an old Estonian wedding

Paavo Kivine

Lurich as champion and advocate for Estonia

Roosmarii Kurvits

A historiographic outline of the history of Estonian journalism

Kaisa Langer

About collecting and researching kolkhoz folklore in the early Soviet Estonia

Merili Metsvahi

Like a Snow White in a forest of narratives

Rein Ruutsoo

Another story of a Cinderella

Kristi Salve

Sister’s fingerbones re-collected and revived as a book

Heiki Valk

Departure of the Seto God Peko