Pille Arnek

Place names on the 17th–19th century Estonian grave markers

Martin Ehala

Estonian language in the long run

Liisi Piits, Mari-Liis Kalvik

Palatalisation of consonants after a long vowel at the end of monosyl-labic i-stemmed words

Reet Kasik

The value of a literary language: change and stability

Reet Kasik

The varied faces of talent

Valve-Liivi Kingisepp

In Memoriam

Mare Kitsnik

Learning Estonian as a second language – hard work or easy fun?

Väino Klaus

More on the language of Agenda Parva

Einar Meister, Lya Meister

Estonian adolescent speech II

Heido Ots

Big and small numbers

Kristiina Ross, Liisi Piits

On truth in Estonian language descriptions

Heiki Pisuke

About translation in the EU institutions

Peeter Päll

A century of language planning in Estonia: history and today

Peeter Päll

A good word to win a foreign army

Elen Pärt

Complex interrogative-relative proadverbs in Estonian

Jana Reidla

Curator at a museum and in an exhibition hall: on the concept, job and role

Kristiina Ross

Estonian literary language: ours vs yours

Ilona Tragel, Piia Taremaa

Semantic classification of Estonian verbs

Tõnu Tender

Ferdinand’s successors

Meeli Sedrik, Udo Uibo

Estonian names for the tag game

Lembit Vaba

An etymology accomplished: kasima and kasin

Lembit Vaba

Much more than just everyday toil

Lembit Vaba

kuppama and kupatama

Anna Vatanen

On the diverse functions of the interrogative sentence in Estonian everyday conversations